M vs M vs the end

I had the honor to be a guest on the latest and last, for now, episode of M vs M. Not only is it great fun to talk to friends and be a guest, because I have listened to every episode and enjoyed them a great deal I also felt like a fan suddenly getitng to be part of the band. Even seeing just how other people record is exciting, realizing you too have a microphone in front of you and can speak up at any time is downright weird. The tendency is to just sit back and listen as usual, but I do think I managed to add something every now and then.

Being a last episode. the subject of streaks and ending things was a main topic. I, or we, realized how good it is to end streaks. That the next big thing, if there is such a thing, around streaks and such could be removing of training wheels. That is, maintaining a streak for a while and then be ordered to stop it. Take off the training wheels provided by doing something for the streak and start doing things more organically instead.

All of a sudden, my questions about what to do when my 100 text run is up were answered. I will stop, of course. Breathe and enjoy. Hopefully keep writing more and easier than before, but not with any kind of artificial demands or tracking.

Then, I can find a different streak for something I need to get started on.

Streaks as a way of improving. As a learning tool. All lessons must end.

Connecting nicely back to last night's decisions, I not only slept on it but also sanity checked with one more person after deciding what to do. Then I did it, too. Feels good, another little thing cleared up and taken care of.

Urgh, phones

Just as I was starting to look at the draft of this text again, my phone rang. For the first time in a long while, it was a soul-sucking phone salesman. I was taken by surprise and sad to say that I not only got annoyed by the call but also let it drag on for way too long. On the other hand, I suppose it is good that I get called rarely enough that I feel out of shape at dismissing them quickly. Anyway, calling unwanted, stealing people's time, almost demanding you follow their requests. The guy even has my contact information, so he could have mailed without disturbing me.

Shame on you, If! I know where to find you if I need you, but now you made sure I will not.