Decisions, decisions

It is hard to make up your mind. Sometimes I just wish there was a fact that would make a decision ridiculously clear-cut. On the level of "Yeah, I really wanted that new phone, but it is made entirely out of conflict diamonds" or "Sure, it is a great event if you do not attend the human sacrifice." Or that the decision was important enough, that tends to make things much clearer. But no, not this time. This is one decision where both alternatives are good, all the difficulty is in me deciding which is right for me.

Thankfully, I had a friend to talk to. It suggested that a good night's sleep would make everything clear.

So I put "Sleep on it" in as a todo for today, and a second one to make up my mind tomorrow.

Nice and simple.

Decisions, decisions

In other news: it is time to get another pair of bluetooth headphones. Large, comfortable ones for home listening and pod editing. My dear cabled ones are breaking up, and even though the cable is for once without fault, going cabled when I enjoy my Jaybirds as much as I do seems like a step back.

… okay, the Wirecutter recommends Jabra move wireless. Looks nice enough, not expensive, on-phone controls … and cable connectivity. I realized that last thing is a pretty important feature in larger headphones for me after all, only because I want to connect them to my microphone and hear myself when I podcast. It also occured to me that I should get better audio quality when editing with a cable connection, right?

Podcasts, podcasts

Speaking of pod editing, on Thursday Björeman // Melin turns one year old. The celebratory episode 50 is half finished and should be out tomorrow or on the very anniversary day.

Before that, I will make a surprise appearance on a podcast episode which is released tomorrow. More on that when it happens.