Keep talking

Did you know it is good to talk to people?

Yeah, I know, it sounds so weird. But it works! Things get vented, problems shrink in size, you even get whole different perspectives!

It might even be worth trying more often …

Pretty good for a Monday.

VR in the wild

Playstation VR is suddenly out, so I naturally grabbed a podcast episode about it. I still do not feel that immediate itch to spend money, but it feels clear that VR is here to stay and that there will be some really fantastic gaming to experience in the future. The podcast did not do an amazing job selling me on the games mentioned as awesome. On one hand, I think that is in order because I have no VR to relate to. On the other hand, it sounds a lot like people being amazed by early tech demos and the fact that they can even exist. How much attention would the same games have got were they not early experiences? How would the be different a year later, with everyone having had more time to figure out what VR games are really best at?

Perhaps best information of all for me was hearing two out of three hosts played with glasses underneath the headsets, suffering no problems apart from a little bit of extra fiddling when putting the headset on and taking it off.

Finally, my favourite detail was their quick stories of coming down after using VR for a while, of feeling a slight disconnect with the world in different ways. I am sure it will be really uncomfortable for some people, and I am sure some people will scream that this is the first sign of civilization crumbling or something. I am simply intrigued by the very clear perception alterations. A wider range of ways of perceiving things, a wider range of experience overall, can only be a good thing.