While the laundry turns

I enjoy feeling just a little chilly. I like putting on a thicker shirt, or having an extra blanket on top of the sheets when I sleep. But I did turn on the radiators this morning, and it is actually also kind of nice to be able to sit down and relax for a while without your lips starting to go blue after five minutes.

The autumn is getting properly chilly, and I enjoy it to the maximum extent possible.

I have been bad at refilling my food supplies lately. One little upside is that I ran out of both coffee and milk at home, and so for a few days I have been drinking more tea without any additions. I like how clean and simple it feels. The next thing I can improve as far as tea is concerned is to always use the small pot when brewing for just myself, instead of brewing too much, refusing to pour anything out, and ending up drinking cold tea for hours.

Then again, who cares?

Cold tea, warm tea, autumn, frozen yoghurt and vegan pizza. Times are good, worries really are small. Some not even worth calling worries, really.