How was the meetup?

The meetup? Great thank you, just as always. If you are at all into development or anything else for which Meetup has active groups nearby, I can not recommend enough that you join a group or five. You will learn interesting things and get to talk to so many nice people who do interesting stuff. You will not only learn and listen, your voice is needed too. You will have things to contribute, tips, insights, your own perspective and that question nobody else thought to ask but which made everything that much clearer to everyone.

I intended to take some pictures. I even downloaded the app to make sharing them easier. In the end, I was too focused on listening and talking to take a single picture. As so many times before.

A problem solved

I ran into Klas as well, one of the two guys I actually started the Gothenburg Cocoaheads group way back in 1684 2010. That does feel pretty distant, especially now that the group has been running for a copule of years without me contributing anything but attendance. And also because the group has grown to a staggering 400 members. Most of which never show up, but still. The main thing I missed when we started was a way of discovering and meeting likeminded developers, and that huge number shows just how well Meetup has solved that problem.