Hamilton is my musical. My very first musical love. I want to sing the songs. I hum parts. Quotes pop up in my mind all the time. I read up on American history. I listen to a podcast about the cast recording. I mention it to people every remotely reasonable chance I get. I am fascinated by events, personalities, stories. I can listen to the cast recording over and over again, the main limit being that I get caught up in it, so I can not work or write very well while listening.

Like many long albums, it is pretty rare that I listen all through in one sitting. I often pick out a group of songs, listen to those and miss a lot of others. Yesterday, I felt a strong need to filter out the outside world, so I plugged my in-ears in deep dove into Hamilton and was swept away. I still did not manage it all in one session, but I got close. The last few songs actually had to wait until today, but boy were they worth the wait. Every single song just keeps getting better, the second half of the second act especially as that is the section I most rarely get to. (I think that might change for a while now.)

All this, going on for what is approaching a year, and I still have not even been near a chance to actually see the darn thing. To start with, I am on the wrong continent, but the show is so popular that actually seems like the smaller problem. It is coming though, tickets are supposed to go on sale for a London production … in a month or so?

I do not intend to throw away my shot.