On a train, heading south.

The woman opposite is crocheting, yarn resting on her seat. How many surfaces will the yarn have touched by the time the creation is done? How many molecules of its journey has it gathered? It sure will not be much, but it is fun to think that it will have picked up some minuscle aspects of its travels. In a way it is very different to a text like this, created on things which travel but itself completely isolated from the environment.

But of course that is not true either, I steep it in everything around me. People around, the sun out the window, the voices on the speakers getting clearly more Scanian, messages in Danish being thrown in along with Swedish and English, the curiousity about where people around me ar going and what their days are like …

I should travel more, that is for sure.

Also, I should probably have dug out my headphones. I love listeing to what the three people around me talking about, but I am a little afraid I will start reacting too obviously. Not that they would mind, considering how freely they talk.

It is very easy to read some annoyance into the last paragraph, but to my surprise I am actually simply enjoying it. This other woman seems to have a really fun job!