The day after the last

Kent, live at Scandinavium Kent, live at Scandinavium

Kent's farewell gig was … never enough.

Of course.

You can only get so much into two and a half hours, 24 songs and some longer monologues. But perhaps it was still perfect. Many of the latest songs were great in their live arrangements, and everything old was also new and fresh. I was really bad at regocnizing the songs by their intro, and a lot of it was from how different the arrangements were.

My emotions actually toned down as the gig progressed, from almost over emotional as each song started to simply enjoying so many great songs in so many great arrangements. I would of course have wanted even more even older songs. On the other hand, I can appreciate that they did not make this a complete retro fest. Kent is not about looking back, and quitting in style like this, without everything being about nostalgia, is a natural part. Quitting consciously. With dignity. And with simply outstanding visuals.

No, it was not enough. But, it was perhaps as close to perfect as it could be.

Kent, live at Scandinavium Kent, live at Scandinavium