Back to lists

While I ran around with a Webos phone in my pocket, text files took on all the planning and list work. Back in the retro land of simple memo apps and little cloud syncing, I checked my weekly plan on other devices, then copied any immediate todos into a memo on the phone.

Those were the days.

Well, those were days.

Now that I am back in Apple-land I can get a (plus-sized) grip around the todo list app Clear again. I have to say, all this modern syncing is really nice when it works (and it has worked flawlessly for a while now). Clear has pretty much the features I need (multiple lists, optional reminders, Mac-IOS-sync) and nothing else. I still love the look and feel too. The multiple lists are actually not much of a requirement at the moment, because right now I only keep the immediate purchase list in Clear. I have a suspicion another list or two will eventually sneak in though, they tend to come and go in slow waves.

Poking away

The phone also naturally brought Pokemon go back into my life. I have fun checking it during little downtimes, I walk around a little bit more and I keep feeling delighted by seeing so people playing games out and about in the world. A world with more games and more people in motion is definitely a better world.

However, this afternoon it suddenly hit me that I will never be able to finish Pokemon go in any way I can define "finish", not even if I was to pick a goal and actively work toward it. Collecting more monsters is my main drive, and with super-rare and continent-specific monsters out there I will never, ever be able to reach that goal. Gaining levels will also grow stale, or too slow, at some point. In short, unless they create a perfect stream of new monsters (and that is of course possible), rewards are likely to wear thin, perhaps very soon. I was actually just a little bit tempted to delete the game right away when I realized this.

Then I picked up some more items, caught a few monsters and hatched an egg on the way home.

All with a little part of me noticing that I would have got home quicker, with a bit more focus to spend on other things and a bit more battery left, had I not been playing the game.