Planned writing

My latest addition to Bakery was visible tags and publication date. Tags enable me to mark topics on the main page. Publication dates I can assign so that the order and dates of posts do not change when, for example, I alter the posts by adding tags.

The tags are nice, but the combination with publication dates have had a much larger effect than the tags alone. I already had the option to hide texts with a tag, and now that I can add texts with a future date I have started creating drafts well ahead of when I imagine I will publish them. Before, any ideas for the future would sit around somewhere in my daily text files, forgotten much more often than discovered and finished. The usual procedure was that I sat down to write something, starting, finishing and putting it out in one day, if not in one sitting. Now, I can actually put ideas and drafts where all the other texts for the site are and see them in the same place as all the other texts. With a thought given a file and a publication date (which can of course be changed), it almost becomes a mental todo item: I want to finish it, and I can think about it in a more focused way. It also puts me in a slightly different writing mindset: building a text more actively around a topic rather than gathering the thoughts of the day most clear in my mind.

In turn, neither tags nor publication dates have had much effect by themselves compared to me just writing more. More writing makes those little additional tools useful, gives them what value they have. They would not have made me write more by themselves, but now that I do they can perhaps increase the flow and pleasure just a little bit. Building supports around the flow of text to support it.

Oh, a final very clear change: right now I very much think of posts as a once-per-day-thing. Placing them in time is also part of the fun, part of what alters my thinking, and part of what reinforces writing more.

The cycle is bound to break at some point, but until then I will reinforce it as much as I feel like.