Friday 16th

This has been my office for the Friday morning.

Bare feet on the balcony Bare feet on the balcony

I enjoy my hotel stays so much I feel that I could live and work at a hotel for a week or two without anything but pleasure. I often wish I had more time to spend in my hotel room, to see what it is like to spend time being in that space. A morning of work is just perfect.

Last night

Last night was another Code night, which meant I got on stage together with Tobias and Kristoffer and generated thoughts and opinions for half an hour. New venue, new topic, and just as fun as always.

Kodsnack on stage Kodsnack on stage

Photo: Emmy Jonsson

We have done this a couple of times now, even I feel as if I have built some routine, yet it still feels refreshingly weird to get up on stage. And we keep having new experience. This time, I feel we had our best flow yet between the three of us, going quicker back and forth and doing more quick comments. We also had a bit more interaction with the audience, both in terms of reactions but also a few comments we could respond to. It was all good, and the venue brought a nice intimate feeling without feeling (too) cramped.

An era ends … again

Today will be my last day with a Webos phone. I will take a firm step back into the present of mobile devices with a new Iphone. It has been delivered and is just waiting for me to pick it up at the office when I get back to town. Still, I do not dare assume anything until I have both picked it up and got it home. Who knows if I got the right package? Perhaps it was stepped on by accident? Perhaps the phone, I, or my train will combust at some point between now and then? I was reserved enough that I half expected the delivery to have failed already, and so am tempted to think the difficult part is over … but you never know, right?

Zombies 101

Chances are I will not even unpack the phone until many hours after picking it up, because right after the end of the work day I will join a couple of friends and record another episode of Den makalösa. The subject is zombie movies. I seem to be the least well-versed member of the panel by far, so I am looking forward to a lot of thoughts I have not considered myself. I have also watched two more (a large percentage of my total) as preparation and … I think I should save this for the pod.