Damn, you run fast!

The comment, with a smile, reached me as I came … falling with style … downhill, passing by two women steaming uphill. In response, I smiled and said something like "Sorry!" Not much time for anything else. That was all. So nice and simple.

It takes so little to make a day nicer. Actually almost turning it around. I had been running along sort of brooding on more sombre topics, working myself up slightly, getting a little bit frustrated.

One comment later, I realized once again that the day was warm like summer. The sun was shining, I was running along a forest track with a few yellow leaves falling. The world is full of nice people with good things to say. Why waste energy on negative things which belong to other circumstances?

I got home, wrote down the bothersome thoughts and pretty much kept to the good of the world the rest of the day.

Mini lifestyle

I went for a long (for me) shopping excursion, and because it has cellular I brought along my Ipad mini as IT support. It currently lives the life of a very secondary device. The screen has two hairline cracks, and it looks a little dark in too bright light. Still, it amazes me a little every time I use it. The small format is so wonderful. I enjoy thumb-typing on it in portrait orientation, and since it is large enough that I assume two-hand use everything feels easily within reach. It does feel cramped compared to the pro, especially when that huge keyboard pops up, but that crampedness also brings everything nice and close together. Everything feels easily within reach, feels planned to work really well on a screen this size.

It feels so good to hold and use that I wish I had more uses for it. And also that the screen was not cracked and that it had touch ID, of course.