My talk is cheap

I wrote about pulling down on breathless news, analysis of Apple rumors and floods of quick impressions. I even managed to bring myself to unsubscribe from exactly one podcast.

That was it though.

Then I went on to do a lot of talking of my own on the Apple topic, and tonight the first thing I dove into aurally after work was ATP's three hour extravaganza on the very same subject.

In my defence …

… no. There is no defence. I enjoy it, plain and simple.

The tablet and the pencil

I got home and spilled down into the armchair. Thoughts from the day were sloshing around in my head, in need of being processed by writing them down. I raised my head and gazed at the computers, sitting on the distant desk just this side of the horizon.

The Ipad pro was right with me, but the idea of tapping letters on the on-screen keyboard did not seem appealing.

So I grabbed the pencil, opened up Procreate and wrote away in classic longhand.

While the amount of text and lack of illustrations was unusual, writing like this on the Ipad has actually become a pretty common activity for me. Almost every time I bring up Procreate I end up writing a lot more words than drawing images. In this way, I use the tablet and the app exactly like I would a notebook and analogue pen. I get just the same flow out of it, I draw and write just the same. Only everything is better because I never smudge ink with my hand, I can zoom and erase, create layers and colour underneath my lines and so many more things.

This is technology being magical in the best sense. This is what I wanted ever since I first heard of a drawing tablet.