Still not early to bed

Quarter past eleven, again.

Going to be another lovely late Saturday morning again though. Good stuff!

More good stuff: Den makalösa, the movie (and possibly other media in the future) podcast of which we made two episodes during winter, has a new episode. All about Batman v Superman, for all the Swedish speakers (listeners, I guess) out there. The next episode will come sooner than six months, to boot.

The Björeman // Melin episode with a good chunk of Apple reactions is not out just yet. I pushed through the editing first thing after work and a quick run (might as well go for a run right after biking home, it is so warm again that I get all sweaty and wish for a shower) and it sounded good to me again. Some further thoughts to our discussion came up in my mind, so perhaps I will have some follow-up next time. We shall see, that would be kind of a new thing.

The first anniversary of the podcast is coming up too. It has flowed so easily, it just happened and has kept on being easy and good. All good. Time, et cetera.