Apple all the way

Apple introduced stuff today. I was thrilled to be part of a little Appsnack revival, we did a sort of live text commentary using Talkshow. Right after that I jumped straight into podcast recording, naturally including a large chunk of thoughts around Apple and the announcements. I feel enthusiastic. There were few major surprises, and the thing which captures me most right now (apart from dreaming of having a 7 plus and taking photos with it) is gaming. Apple got Mario on IOS and Shigeru Miyamoto on stage! Plus a thorough implementation or extension of Pokemon go on the new Apple watch models. It looks to me like Apple is getting more serious about games, rather than just being enthusiastic because they are popular apps. Now I wonder if Apple might set up its own first-party game development studio. I imagine that as a way of really showing off the new hardware every year and really push everything to the metal.

And the darn new watch managed to tick off annoyances I have with my Garmin watch in just a few little tidbits here and there. I still do not think I want to wear a watch all the time, and I do not think I want to pay that price for just an exercise watch, but it is kind of silly that Garmin has not got further with their software especially. One of the features Apple mentioned was the ability to just start the run and go, without waiting for GPS to catch up. Having used Garmin two watches for years I know exactly how annoying that is, and no less so since I start in one of exactly two spots 99% of the time. Surely they could have enough data by now to figure that out? But no, I have to wait for good precision, and the watch still guesses every time that I ran through the corner of the office building, spent a while zigzagging across the huge intersection and finished that first kilometer a full minute faster than any other. Every time.

But hey, I might do that some time. Sure. Garmin has been doing this for years, Apple is not going to just figure this out. No, that never happens.

It might not look like it, but this is me trying to wind down and go to bed. Too much good food, too much communication, thoughts and images flashing in all directions …