The pods are rolling

Three podcast recordings are planned this week. It might become the new average. Against all odds, I have not yet started to feel that it is all just too much. Instead I feel motivated to do it all more and better, evolve, iterate, improve, all that.

I started to research pants. Before I could catch myself, I was placing an order online. I appreciate when modern technology conspires with my own planning to make it almost easier to finish step one than to stop at step zero as I originally intended.

Now, we wait with baited breath to see if it was simply foolish of me to buy pants without the chance to try them on first.

I did kind of cheap out. I found more expensive options which I am pretty certain I would like even better. But I figure it is nice to have something to step up to later on.

Thinking about steps, perhaps I should throw some stuff out of my extremely limited wardrobe space …

Always on holiday

After every holiday and other break in the usual work week routine, I come back wanting to hold on to the feeling for longer. I think I have done my best job yet with it this time. The part where I keep going to bed just a bit too late for a good night's sleep on weekdays is a little negative, but I have been great at disconnecting on weekends. And the positive side of the lack of sleep is that I have done stuff in the evenings without feeling like there is a work day rolling in which I desperately need to prepare for.

Tying it all together

… I get to this relevant question: can I find the time to watch an old zombie movie somewhere before Friday?