Planning step zero

As it is Sunday, I created my plan for the coming week and realized (re-realized?) one thing the plan can and should be good for.

I was looking over my list of things to should buy some day. I am not a big spontaneous shopper, so I have things like shoes, pants and various exercise stuff on the list. Things which are not needed right this second, but will be in the future and are good to get as soon as possible. When considering why I have not just gone out and got that stuff already, I realized they all have a step zero (step one being "buy X"): figure out what exactly I want and perhaps also from where. Until I do that, the todo item "Buy X" has a big fuzzy question mark floating over it making it seem hard to cross off for unspecified reasons.

So I put that step zero into my plan for the week. Yep, it pretty much says "Research pants" as a todo item for one of the days of the week. Simple and almost silly to put down. And breaking things down into parts so simple as to almost be silly is a trick to get them done.

The plan is working.