Why are there so few works of art devoted to the joy and wonder of a good night's sleep? They really are amazing, especially for something which should be so common. The odd … odd dream thrown in does not hurt either.

I brought a podcast back to life today, recording with new people, having just as good a time as usual. I am not promising any release date. Everyone involved sounded keen to do it again soon too, so right now it feels like it will be easy to get momentum and keep it going. The next recording session is tomorrow, and I am thinking more of a monthly than weekly release schedule, so it looks like we will build up a nice buffer quickly. Plus new ideas keep flowing in the mandatory Slack.

Coming home after recording, I went up to the roof terrace and rediscovered what a great view we have up there. Afternoon sunlight, pleasantly cool air and a city slowly turning toward right autumn colors. I could spend a lot more time up there …

The weekend's Webos treasure

How about a 30 GB archive of Webos apps? I thought so.

I am still using the Pre as my daily phone. Today I tried to make use of the wifi hotspot to get my Ipad online. Setting it up and connecting went flawlessly, but for some reason I could not actually access the internet. Maybe next time. Maybe something has changed in the years past. My like for the phone remains even though it stops me from doing some things.

I am picking up a little bit of speed typing on the keyboard, too. I have found myself making notes in the memos app often enough that I can make Swedish characters with relative ease. I do not feel fast, but I like the experience of typing very much. I also feel I make fewer mistakes than on Ios, and mistakes I do make feel quicker to recover from. This could well be because entry is slow: that I type more carefully and that errors seem faster because general entry is slower.

Can't take the sky from me

I have not given up on finding my way back to the right systems in No man's sky. I need to find my tenth Atlas interface and get the stone I was too low-level to pick up originally. But I just can not seem to find the system on the galaxy map, so I am in a bit of a mental dip. Then I got the idea of building a better hyper drive, so now I am hunting for a lot of nickel and aluminium. And a bit of chrysonite as well. Recipies, always so picky with amounts and stuff …