One glass at a time

I feel as if though I worked myself up (down?) to a hangover over the course of a week. Just a little bit too little sleep along with the odd beer or glass of wine. Last night topped with a bit too little sleep, a little more drinking and a late meal (saying good bye to a colleague. Great working with you, miss you already!).

Boom, today I was completely workable but surprisingly ran over by a bus on the inside.

It really is high time I get my sleep back in order after my summer holiday, I would not mind feeling completely awake all day some time soon.

All the great plans

I have stuck with my week planning. It has worked well, and I have also been questioning it. The great part is planning stuff, spreading it out a bit beforehand and hopefully reflecting a bit more rather than reacting all the time. The bad part is that I end up doing a lot of adding of little things, doing and crossing off. It feels like gaming the system a bit, but I also started wondering if I am in a way distracting myself with the very system. Am I focusing too much on putting stuff on and crossing them off? Am I adding a bad kind of focus to my spare time by making myself feel I should be doing certain things on certain evenings? Most importantly, do I end up creating and finishing what is essentially busywork, when what I should be using plans for is thinking about and working on longer-term projects?

These are really interesting questions, and I am not sure I would have got to them without starting to do the weekly plans. I am excited to see how I keep moving, and I aim to go for more intention, reflection and deliberation. (No, of course I will never reach some ideal state.)


Apart from trying to twist my sleep into shape, podcasting will be the focus of the weekend. In new constellations, with new subjects. Should be great times for all involved. At my most tired point today it started to seem like a lot of tiresome work. Even in that state, though, I managed to reach in, lift myself by my hair and beat some sense into my mind. Two opportunities to be social and discuss fun stuff with fun people, what better things to have in the calendar? Plus: no deadlines! It is all good.


The Oatmeal on fulfilling tasks, "happiness" and other important things. Great, as always, and I relate to so much of what he writes.