Out of steam

I am too tired. I should probably just sleep.

Wake up, have new energy.

I feel a bit down. I have my reasons. Just something to work through.

Contradicting that down feeling, I seem to have got everything I intended done today. So who am I to complain?

A week of Webos

I have covered a work week with the Pre 3 as my phone. My quick-break browsing has been seriously cut down, which is a good thing in all. What I really miss is quicker entry of notes (and saving in Dropbox if I can push it a bit) and a podcast client. My playlist in Overcast is full of great stuff I usually consume immediately after release. Now, though, I have to restrain myself until I am within headphone-reach of some more stationary device. Needing to be tethered to an Ipad or larger makes a difference.

To be honest, No man's sky and socializing with actual people also has a lot to do with the week's lower than average listening time.

Yes, taking notes on the Pre is slow. Definitely slower than on Iphones, and that little physical keyboard plays a large part. On the other hand, writing with the keyboard is fun! It feels good, in the way that it is pleasing. A different tactile feeling, and I get little kicks of delight from the fact that the keys are always easier to hit than I expect. If the layout was more like every other keyboard I use it might not even be that slow.

There was more …

… but yeah, that steam.

Now might be a good time to float for a while in No man's sky. But I have a steady stream of new music in my ears and a keyboard under my fingers.

… I kind of wish I felt like having a drink …

Wanted at the front desk

Wouldn't it be terrible if there's no music there?