It is warm

Why is it so warm? I was so ready to keep on the gradual shift into autumn which I thought we started somewhere halfway into this month.

But no.

Now I find myself typing late at night with the window wide open. I am just out of the shower, which has become a routine the past few days due to the bike ride and stair climb home causing just enough of a sweat to be uncomfortable.

I look forward to some cooler air again. In the meantime, I will really try to dress a bit lighter in the morning.


It is also the second day which I come home late, stomach full of pizza and beer. The meetup season is in full swing, last night it was user experience and push notifications, tonight it was Javascriptcore.

Carrying a super-old phone through events like these feels like a very subtle, very personal in-joke.

Slightly broken

I can run for an hour or two without it leaving many traces the following days, but it only took 25 minutes of friendly high-intensity interval training with my co-workers yesterday to make muscles all over my body ache today. Damn this "variation" thing for being so effective. I fear what another colleague says holds completely true for me: once I actually become used to the intervals I will only be able to exhaust myself more. I would say I was able to do perhaps half of everything properly. The rest was tired half-moves. Once (okay, if) I get into it and am I able to do everything properly all the way through there should be a whole different level of exhaustion to achieve.

I am unsure if I should feel anticipation or dread.