Other men's skies

I just listened to a long chat on the DLC podcast about No man's sky.

How much emotion such a pure game can evoke.

Basically the two sides in the conversation get themselves suprisingly worked up over the fact that one side finds the game a bit empty because its lack of clear goals and story. It fascinates me, pure and simple. A friend of mine, who also loves the game, became upset by hearing the criticism.

I am not.

Mostly, I think, because I am simply overjoyed that a game like this has even got this amount of attention and success in the first place. I could imagine a game like this be made as a labour of love, released independently, discovered by few and deeply loved by even fewer. Perhaps Minecraft paved the way. Perhaps space and exploration will always lure people. In any case, I love that No man's sky is exactly what it is, and that word has spread so far and wide even people who sort of miss the point of the game give it a try (and appreciate many other things about it).

Other men … boys

Melin reminded me of Beastie boys today, specifically of Hello nasty. I listened, looked briefly for my CD, then somehow found a whole short concert on Youtube. First, I just watched a clip of Mix master Mike's opening. When it ended just as the boys were entering and Intergalactic was breaking loose, I was really happy to discover the full-length show. Sound was good enough despite the horrific 240p video.