Out of shape

I need to play more.

I only put another hour or so into No man's sky, but it is painfully clear how out of shape I am since finishing Shadow of Mordor. Bad posture, bad controller height. I put down the controller and realize how oddly stiff my arms and shoulders have become.

Also, bad controller shape. I look down to locate buttons every now and then. I only have perhaps half of the controls memorized.

Need practise. Need to invest more time.

Gameplay-wise I hit a little dip, my first feeling of being a little lost, a little unsure of what to do and if anything in particular is a bad idea to do. Open-world game fears.

I did also get killed for the first time. That tends to put a damper on fearless exploration for a little while.


I recorded two podcasts yesterday, and if all goes to plan I will record two more tomorrow. I sure am not slacking off during this first week of work … I edited Björeman // Melin from yesterday too. It just went out, glorious spoiler-horn and all.

I do look forward to the weekend, I feel I have worked for it.