Tilting plan(e)s

I overdid my plans for this week. Just a little bit. A little too many a little too large things on each day.

Inbetween things, I bought No man's sky. I have no idea if this is a good or a bad move, plan- focus- or rest-wise.

But I am willing to dive in and find out.

I have seen enough of the game to be excited, but have read little enough to know almost nothing about actual gameplay. Now that I have the game, I feel no rush to read more for a while either. Finding out by myself seems much more fun. I only played for an hour or so tonight, barely scratching the surface of two planets, but it definitely looks like it can be a game for me. It has already defied my expectations as well, it looks to be quite different from the made-up image I had in mind.

Melin and I recorded Björeman // Melin tonight. We talked movies. I will get to insert the spoiler horn when editing, so it is another good episode.

Now, if that neighbour would be so kind as to turn down its TV, I could do with some sleep. Much obliged.