Early Webos impressions

I swear, I do have other things to do.

Important ones I even get done.

But I find it very hard to keep from sinking all other time into playing with the Webos toys. Time has seriously passed them by, leaving them fewer possible uses than ever, yet they remain beautiful objects in their own right. They look and feel a lot more … human than any IOS device. Soft rounded corners, the grippiness of the back, the warm black color.

If I can get the Veer to notice my SIM card I would bring it around as my phone. Now I just hold it, flip it over, open and close it and marvel at the good looks of the tiny, fuzzy display.

Not pictured in yesterday's photo is a Touchpad, the Webos tabled HP released just before shutting down everything Webos. This one was running Android, and getting it back to its glorious original state was an adventure which took up most of last night. It involved disk images, abandoned old applications, links pointing out into the void where Palm as a part of HP used to be, support forums, community hacked apps and even a large dose of Java.

I still find it hard to believe I actually got it all working in the end.

I will write some kind of text about the process eventually, once I have retraced my steps and sorted the jumble of links out.

You may see that as a promise or a threat, as you please.