Today was a day in-between. In-between being here and soon going home.

In-between days of exercise, with decidedly in-between weather.

In-between two good coffees, we visited a heavy museum. We walked in-between heavy columns.

In-between the museum and the evening, we caught our breath and spent a few hours wordlessly sharing things while each of us did their own. Reading, knitting and writing (in counter-clockwise order). In yet another place I could easily see myself living near, dropping in as part of my regular week.

In the evening there was meat in-between excellent buns, bought and eaten in-between railroad and roads. A true Berlin(-between, sorry could not help myself) activity, we felt.

Now I rest in-between sheets, laptop on stomach, somewhere in-between the mental time to start resting and the mental time to go to sleep.

In 24 hours my present will be leaving the German sector, drifting for a little while in-between Away and Home before settling, possibly awkwardly, into more familiar places and patterns.

I am in no rush to get there.