The weary traveller

I like to travel. I like staying in hotels and exploring new cities. I can even ejoy being in airports.

I am pretty good at packing too. I pack pretty quickly, travel pretty light and rarely find myself really missing something. There is a downside to my packing efficiency, however. I finish packing with plenty of time to spare, then find myself with hours to spare and no idea how I should productively spend them. An outside observer would probably assume I had a big exam coming up and was seriously procrastinating from the things I do. This time, I was sorting through old papers, throwing away some, putting others in the right binders. I went through rarely opened drawers, thought about my storage options and probably did some amount of pacing back and forth like a caged animal.

(I did come up with some new storage ideas, so that is a plus.)

Writing this, I am comfortably seated at the airport gate. Tapping on my laptop, phone just-in-case-charging, idly thinking about picking up something to drink. Rain is tapping on the nearby windows, my luggage is in order, all security has been quickly passed … The world is in order and I feel at peace. No pacing here.

You would think I could find a trick to let myself relax just as much in the comfort of my own home, right? Not yet, that is for sure.