Earbuds leveling up

I am happy to report my X2:s performed just great at the gym today. True to form, I was completely drenched in sweat for most of the hour, and the podcasts kept playing and the plugs stayed put as if this was something we did together every day. I used the "wings" for the first time in a long while, so perhaps that made a major difference. Regardless of the reason, everything except sound isolation was great, I even had to pull a bit to get them loose afterward.

On the way home, I was given a clear demonstration of what an obstacle the water-filled human body is to weak radio. My exercise pants have one of these central back pockets, which turns out to perfectly fit an Iphone 5-size device and a gym card. I put the phone in there as I got on my bike and a rather intense rain started and the whole rest of the way home Merlin Mann was hacked up by skips, pops and other little breaks and artifacts. I am glad I knew beforehand what the reason was, otherwise I might have started to think the X2:s were developing some hardware problem.

(I also am curious just where and when I learned about the body's efficient bluetooth blocking. It must have been recently as it popped up in my mind pretty much instantly.)

That fuzzy feeling

I feel as if something new and interesting and creative is going to happen soon. One of those little happy knots of excitement seems to be building in my chest. A fun little project of some kind, hooray for those!

It sure does not hurt that the summer holiday is a mere week away and life is great in most every other way too. But the knot is clearly about making something. A side-project knot?