Summer, already?

I have not written much lately. The past few weeks (Or month? Has it been a whole month?) have been too full of real life. Running, funerals, new friends, exciting times at work and rediscovered older friends. Life! It is pretty good. And also, at times, very warm. The React Europe conference ended today, and Gothenburg has a heatwave warm enough to make the memories of Paris gently boiling in July very real. I surfed over to the conference site and was struck by the memories brought back. Heat and people, ideas and food and drink. Such good times!

And now it is, I think, time to draw the curtains and sleep. I spent the evening in that annoying halfway state where I on one hand know I am tired and need and want rest, yet on the other has enough energy to feel a vague interest in doing something more. What ensues of course is unfocused nothing - half-listening to podcasts while half-doing other things. Not hearing too much of the words yet being distracted enough by them that I do not let my thoughts wander and process themselves. When I stopped the pod (mid-episode even, then unsubscribing to a show as if to really emphasize) and took off the headphones things immediately improved. Tapping down thoughts instead of watching the thoughts of others drift by. Sounds of the world drifting in through the open windows.

Much better.

(Is there, I wonder, a better routine I could find to make myself switch from idle consumption to processing of thoughts quicker and more frequently?)