I have been listening to She podcasts for a while. It was mentioned to me and I subscribed to widen my views and get more different voices in my ears. I have kept listening, but while I enjoy the voices very much I found the topics and angles were often slightly outside my areas of interest. Which is completely natural. I am, after all, not a woman into podcasting. I am not the target audience, nor should I be. Anything I enjoy is a happy bonus.

Well, I got a really big happy bonus. The second half of episode 57 and all of 58 were just amazing. I will not try to sum it up, but it is the kind of talk you only get between two people who know eachother very well and, in the world of today, one that would most likely only come up in this way when discussed by two women.

An extra twist at the end: they ended up at decision fatigue and I went "wait, this is me, one hundred percent!" I try to fight it as often as I can catch myself, but I am sure I miss at least as many chances. Suddenly it all felt so beatifully simple and so valid for precisely everyone.