My life might seem very focused on things and work right now. There is a good reason: it seems like that because it is. I recently fell out of a relationship again, and when that happens the first way I deal with it seems to be focusing on practical, physical things. Things like finally deciding on (and buying, and setting up) a good desk setup at home, like taking the time to enjoy everyday chores better. Like thinking of ways to get better at my job and contribute to a great workplace.

This is in no way exclusive to times like this. On the contrary, it is stuff I always do. Common, everyday activities. As I write this, I realize my actual observation is that the relationship-shaped hole in my days is not actively filled or replaced with anything. All other everyday things just expand ever so slightly. In contrast, I suppose, to going out and about looking for more of The Social (not that one) to fill the gap, I go more everyday. Let the skies close for a while, breathe and start coming to terms with the new situation by valuing all the things I do have left. What is good about now? I find that, and go from there.

Make no mistake, processing of whats and hows and whys starts right away. But it is a background process, starting way, way back and gradually making its way to the surface.

Now I can start to grasp it actively ever so often.