One week later

The first week of work picked me up (very gently), shook me around (slowly) and suddenly dropped me right into the first post-holiday weekend.

I still do not know what to make of anything.

I did, however, recall all my passwords and managed to do some actual good here and there.

Following real heroes

I have spent much more time than I anticipated following Trans Scania, the 246 kilometer trail run which started on Friday morning. Considering the length and duration of the race, I was surprisingly captivated by following the progress of the dots on the map, exchanging messages and reading posts from others following and supporting the race. To top everything off in the best possible way, the first place was not only shared - by Linda Bengtsson and Fredrik Engdahl - it was also an impressive new recod time for the race and the course. I am of course deeply impressed by the efforts of everyone who participated, but I have to say there was something special about following those two dots moving along together as they covered the last few kilometers (with the map updating much too infrequently).

Yes, I am playing with the thought of what it would be like to attempt a challenge like that. Somehow the realization that the distance is about two and a half Lejonbragden made it feel even graspable for the very first time.

The way perspectives change never ceases to fascinate me.