Old, positively

On Friday night, I was old. I found the experience wholly enjoyable. In no small part because considering myself this way is completely out of whack with how I (and, I'm sure, most other people) think of myself.

What happened was this: I attended the Re:meetup, a gathering for people who participated in Gothenburg startup hack back in May. In the course of various conversations, it turned out I have been paid to write code for ten years and, more importantly, that even though I feel like a fraud just as much as anyone else, I have picked up various thoughts and feelings along the way which I feel completely non-fraudian trying to express to others when asked.

A person more into marketing would say that I got to share some hard-earned experience, wisdom and general advice. I am not that person, and I have no wish to become him. But it is rewarding, fun and - to no small degree - strange to find myself

I am in no rush to get older in any other way, but I have to say I enjoy this thing of realizing I too have knowledge worth sharing.


So, Friday was a good night. A good and unusually long night for me. A good and unusually long night with rather a lot to drink. Saturday could have been a very slow day indeed, but fortunately I had something to get me out the door and into fresh air. As I sit typing this, I still have some obvious colour stains left to prove it. Together with some of my coworkers I participated in the Color run, a race full of colour.

At the start of the Color run At the start of the Color run

Bags and bags of colour. A great time was had by all, followed by lots of good food, a warm fireplace (it was not a warm day, nor a dry one) and lots of good discussions.


I finished editing another podcast episode. I like it, it is more of an interview than most episodes I have done. I still do not know how or where I will release it, but I look forward to it. While pondering the release questions, I play with applying compressors and noise reduction. Less may, once again, be more. I compressed to make everything comfortably nice and loud, then realized I was listening with the computer's volume set to its very lowest. Two steps back make one step forward in this case.

Is my little apple pie anywhere near done yet? And how early will I go to bed tonight?

And now: roughly 3,14

Apple pie! Apple pie!