Ipad circles

IOS 9 has made me rediscover my Ipad. I love my Macbook, but now that the Ipad has picked up some new tricks all I have to do is think about it and a small part of my brain will go "Imagine if this was the only device I needed. How cool would that be!"

That thought, in turn, brings on another theoretical question: were I to live off of an Ipad, which size would I choose? The temptation for me is always to go with the smallest possible device to maximize portability and thus chance of always being within reach. On the other hand, an Ipad mini is a very small only screen, and IOS 9 has brought better ways to make use of more screen space too.

Both facts make me all the more excited to see and try an Ipad pro in person.

Then I calm myself, think of coding and editing podcasts and how I have everything so nicely set up on my computers. And so I circle back, ready to begin the tour anew the next time I think of picture-in-picture or split-screen apps.