For Mr. Siracusa

A rough retelling of a section of Appsnack 164, starting at 19:14:

"Some things are not as much fun [this week]. An epoch ended this week. John Siracusa has stated that he will not write any more reviews of Mac OS X.


It has been a long and wonderful journey …

Should I explain what I'm talking about?"

Then I went into some background, for the youngsters, about all the great reviews I've been happy to dive deep into. They simply were The Reviews of OS X. I realized I still remembered a phrase from the Exposé page of the Panther review and Google led me right back to acting like some Olympean God of Window Buffers. Of course, I got stuck reading, and re-learning a whole bunch of details. I told everyone to put some time aside, and if you think Marco Arment writes long, well … (We had just discussed Marco's wish for battery outliers) When I want to go into detail and explain something thoroughly, I think "I want to channel Siracusa."

At this point, my co-host thought we should move on, but at least I got to put a few articles in the show notes (

I actually didn't pick the show title, but I couldn't be happier about it :-) …

So, yeah … thanks and keep up the great work in whatever form you like! I have been, am and continue to be inspired.