Tiny computing

Every time I stow my fifteen inch work Macbook pro away and open my own eleven inch Macbook air I am struck by how much closer it is to my ideal computing world. It is smaller in every aspect but battery life, yet everything is there. Several inches and pounds of technology have melted away, and it is blindingly obvious how little use I make of them. In their place, I get enough of an increase in portability that I am actually pretty likely to bring my computer with me everywhere I go.

"Everywhere" is the real magic.

Everywhere I go, I can pull out this folded metal wonder and create using all the tools I have at home for several hours without needing even a power cord.

I retain some sort of fascination with the Mac pro, but apart form that I have a hard time seeing myself wanting any other classic computer, ever. I can definitely see a future tablet getting there, but for now the Air is my Ipad pro in every way I want. The rumored twelve inch retina Macbook pro sure sounds great, but even that extra inch of size and who knows what amount of extra thickness and weight gives me some pause. More of everything in this same package, definitely. But otherwise, I may be happier just getting a huge screen to drag windows onto when I am near it.