Code some days

A long time ago I decided to try to write some code every day, beside what I was doing at work. My thoughts swing in that direction every so often. Inbetween, the pendulum moves in the opposite direction and I instead wonder if I would evolve the most by focusing my coding efforts on work things instead of splitting my attention.

In the last few months, I have written very few lines of code outside of work. Apart from sorting through my thoughts by writing as usual, my creative energies have been happily focused mainly on podcasting. Lately, I have been sort of expecting the itch to code to come back, but I have felt completely happy to let it take its time. This is a positive improvement in that during ages past I tended to start feeling that I should code well before an actual urge to do so built up.

It is fun to go back and read my old notes. As you might guess, I write this because I have done a little bit of weekend coding again. This time, too, it has started in Javascript. I have taken my Applescript for getting the tabs in Safari to my clipboard as a Markdown list of links, converted it to Javascript and found myself adding a few tricks in the process.

This being the age of iron ships and wooden men, the code is on Github for all to enjoy. For the moment, it has all the features I imagined starting out. So I do not forsee an avalanche of additions to this particular script, but who knows.