The joy of stopping

I went for a longer run on a Saturday. I had originally aimed for a marathon distance. The first 25 or so kilometers were fun, the last 5 much less so. While everything else was still under control, my left knee was feeling a little uncomfortable. I was moving along, but I had no drive. I also know how long it was since I last ran that far, and from the start I was keen not to hurt myself or push too hard.

I kept going to the 30 kilometer mark, then allowed myself to walk for a while. That sure felt good. It may have been the first time I have ever walked during a non-competition run. I have definitely switched mindset after Lejonbragden this year, because I felt no regret, anger or defeat in walking, just plain relief at slowing down and changing my steps.

I started running again after a few hundred meters, feeling kind of refreshed. But when the clock struck 31 kilometers I surprised myself by turning it off and turning the rest of the way home into a long walk. I kept asking myself why I should keep running, why I should keep pushing my knee at that particular pace on that particular day, and realized I had no good reason too. I knew I could run faster, I knew I could run farther, and neither ability would be improved by limping along all the way home. Much better to stop, enjoy the walk as much as possible, and get back at it another day.

Many other days.

This is me, growing.