[transition begin]

Where was I? Where am I? Inbetween, that is where.

I have listened to people talking about their blogs. I have been blogging for so long that I still have not quite got comfortable with using the word blog to describe what I have been doing since 1998. October 6th, 1998 is the date of the first news entry on my old site. The "day by day" section is from October 22nd. Sixteen years, damn it!

I would love to put out a text which reflects … what? The feeling of being in transition. Moving between old and new, yet still completely in the environment of things just passed. Of waiting for the next thing to start more than most other things. Of a mind somewhat paused. New things are coming from all directions, the best I can do right now is rest and prepare.

It is neither too late nor too early for a first glass of wine.

If anyone needs me, I will be down in the basement sorting through stuff.