Another Sunday

Another load of things from the basement unpacked. Being boxes of actually useful things, nothing was immediately selected for donation but there were definitely a few candidates. I broke one glass while washing it, so that is at least one item less.

Dinovember. I have nothing to add. Except praise.

We also paid one of the larger second hand stores(?) in town a visit today. I do like browsing second hand things, even if I can not spend huge amounts of time doing it (I can not spend huge amounts of time in any store). I rarely buy stuff though, I just keep finding nice things of types of which I already have more than enough and thinking that it would - from this point of view - be great fun to have to start from scratch when it came to kitchenware, coffee cups and other little things.

Too pragmatic to be a good shopper, that is what I am. And I still want to have fewer things before I get more.

I retired to the desk in the bedroom for this little writing session. I cleaned the desk up a while ago and have not really used it since, so the experience feels new. Macbook airs and Ios devices go so well together with a sparse desk. While trying to catch up with the present last night I happily fell into music again, and so audio is streaming from the mini under the TV in the next room, out through the air, through the macbook and into my ears by headphones. Old, old music. Last night landed in plenty of music and writing. Writing in a dark autumn room with well-worn music in my ears made me sort of nostalgic. It brought up memories of sitting in my old room back home with the window open, listening to some CD from start to end.

Things have turned out pretty well since then.

Back from the detour. It was good to spend a while just listening and streaming some text. Writing in some kind of stream-of-consiousness way is yet another form of finding a mindful presence.

Am I going to get to a certain point? No, I do not believe so. The present, the text and the music is what matters. I merely wanted to re-capture and publish - after a fashion - that rediscovered feeling from last night. It is still pretty much here. Or back.

Kristina and I started reading The great Gatsby tonight. Taking turns reading aloud. I almost never read out loud, but I defenitely think recent podcasting has helped me overcome any serious roadblocks of feeling odd talking to a quiet room.