Rough spots

Life hits rough spots every now and then.

Sometimes it is for me.

Other times for people in my surroundings.

The latter can have at least as much impact as the former. Storms of various kinds may not involve me directly, and yet they can effectively change so much. Less important things simply stop, ignored for now. But even more significant is how pretty much everything I normally pass my time doing suddenly seems achingly unimportant. What fun, or good, is any of that if this thing can not be dealt with? Even just hanging around for the odd chance to make a contribution feels so much more worthwhile than all the usual pastimes.

Make no mistake, I will be perfectly happy to pick a lot of things back up when some dust has settled, and I do hope the rough spots will remain well spaced.

But that little jolt of perspective, in itself, is a healthy thing.

And that sitting around actually felt like an exercise in mindfulness, being in the present without even trying to distract myself.