I may have listened too much, again

Filling most or all of my available listening time with podcasts has its downsides, and I clearly start to notice that after a while.

Listening to people is great, possibly even a top five activity for me, but focused listening to people saying interesting things is a bit limiting in its own way. No matter how much I would like it to, active listening does not let my mind wander much, nor does it combine with doing anything very creative. As a result, podcasts are a poor way to collect my thoughts. They sure work well for delaying thoughts, but that is rarely what I need.

I probably could pick up more varied content, find more things for different moods and so on. But I have picked what I want because I enjoy it and want to hear it. I do not want to make a regimen out of podcasts, nor find more stuff as some kind of light filler.

What I really should do is, of course, put on some music a lot more often. Because I find it easy to spend hours listening and sitting around or doing light chores yet coming out of it not a single step closer to processing whatever was on my mind before I started. Incessant listening can be as much a distraction as anything else.

Some favourites

Yes, my tastes move in quite narrow circles.