In new shoes around the block

Inov-8 Bare-x lite 150.

Something of a mouthful, that …

So I got a delivery of new shoes yesterday. One pair of Merrell trail gloves, one pair of Inov-8 (…). I decided it was time to start alternating shoes for possibly longer useful life per pair, and so went with something I already knew for one and something new for the other.

The first thing the Inov-8 reminded me of was my Ecco biom B (text in Swedish). It is something about the firm feel around the middle inner side of the foot.

Or perhaps it is just because this is the firmest, most "normal" running shoe I have bought since the Biom.

Coming from Biom via Adipure trainer, Trail glove, Fivefingers KSO and then Trail glove again (same pair, long live durable shoes!) the feel is quite drastically different.

On the plus side, it feels firm yet very soft and smooth. In stark contrast to my Trail gloves, there is not a single seam on the inside. I will be very surprised if this does not end up being my most blister and bruise free shoe yet.

On the minus side, dude, where did the road go? My feet can not feel anything but smooth artificiality. Being designed for road running, the soles are also a lot smoother than anything I have worn recently. The result was that during my first run (on asphalt) I felt not only somewhat disconnected from the ground and my feet, but also somewhat uncertain of my grip and footing. I felt as if I might slip if I tried to turn too sharply.

But the actual running went well. I kept thinking about my steps, noticing how my feet felt and so on, yet I ended up being significantly faster than on my last run.

I think we can become friends.

The fruit company

As tonight local time was Apple event night, all my news feed predictably went quiet as one. Now that we are out on the other side, I expect things to burst into activity again. I bet on a lot of hot air being produced over the 5C not being cheap enough (possibly while quietly and quickly becoming the best-selling Iphone ever).

If the advertised performance increase of the 5S is even close to real, I say we can stop wondering if Apple can get enough power for retina into an Ipad mini anytime soon. I think this event actually made me look forward to a retina mini even more than I already did.

Oh, and of course I want a 5S. It might even do 4G in this our most beloved far-north backwater. For the moment, the single part which I look forward to the most is probably the camera. And seeing if the new sensor stuff and all the new power happens to enable exciting new ideas. If you make an app which works well on a 4S you have some headroom for extras on the 5C and a whole lot of it on the 5S.

I find that thought the most exciting one.