How many saturdays?

The iPad is seeing a lot more use these days than before. It is not uncommon that two people want to use it at once. To my excitement (should I be ashamed?) I can find decent reason to buy another one whenever nice updates (yeah, I am one of the people wishing for a retina mini soon) come out.

Some of this will wear off once my beta-running phone becomes a bit less beta, but in the meantime at least it is fun to rediscover the joys of the larger screen, more robust battery life and so on.

I wanted to write using the keyboard but was not motivated enough to fetch it from the other room - where Secrets are being done - so I find myself tapping on the glass and enjoying that - too - as a new thing.

With autocorrection off. It feels good, and right now I think I need to correct fewer mistakes than I did with it on. My words do not need to be that in lockstep with my thoughts anyway. They can do with a little bit of time for editing befor landing on … pixels? Electrons?

Speaking of keyboards

I wonder - and have asked - if there is any chance of one with Swedish engraving. Trying one before buying might be a good idea I guess, but I sure have a hard time thinking of a better writing-related way to spend money than on a solid, friendly and lovingly made writing utensil.

Also, Drafts. Merlin keeps talking about this, and it really sounds like something for me. Kind of a Quicksilver

(Yes, I am that old. I also still dislike the word "blog" and put noses on my emoticons. :-)

… focused on text and on iOS. I think it would fit right in with a lot of things I want to do, and I would not be surprised if it could become my one and only way of entering text on iOS.

Script kiddie

I had some fun with Javascript today at work. I have not been over there in quite some time now, and it felt great to return and fire off a few XmlHttpRequests. Also adding to the fun was the hacking high of using Javascript and cheekiness to jack straight into an API meant for a web server to use when talking to a back end server. Not what you might call a solution ready for production, but sometimes you just need to explore the possibilities.

And damn, side stepping a whole honking hulking Java web server feels pretty cool to me.

Now, what I really want is a cool hack to get this text straight from the iPad and onto my site.