Cleaning out the closets

I am getting rid of things. Again. I seem to be a bit in love with the process.

Selling an apartment gave me another reason to go through boxes and cupboards. The surprising ease of the actual move of things has left me with plenty of energy to spend on paring down my baggage even more. Not living in a place for a year is a great way to realize how few things you actually need, let alone actively miss.

My vision - which I do not think I will actually reach - is to have the store room in the basement empty, having either unpacked or got rid of everything in there. Even without getting there, I find myself having great fun carrying up a box or bag every now and then, going through the contents another time with critical eyes and always finding at least something which is not motivating its room anymore.

I fully expect to some day turn a corner and start collecting things quicker than I remove them again.

But I sure am in no hurry to get there. I just want to pare everything down to the essentials; the things I like, want and use.