It is that time of the year again.

Tomorrow, it is time for Göteborgsvarvet again, and
- as opposed to last year -
it looks like I am not falling ill.

This year, it was just the usual imaginary colds. The fears possibly somewhat additionally fueled by cat allergy and the usual wonderings about pollen.

It will be fun. It will also be really warm, and possibly as sunny as Lejonbragden.

It occured to me that all my races longer than a half marathon have occured after my last half marathon. No wonder it feels like ages ago. No wonder my sense of the distance feels off.

I wonder if it will feel like it ends too soon. The first twenty kilometers of Lejonbragden flying by two weeks ago are, after all, fresh in memory.

But we will see. I try not to expect too much. Not only will it be hot and sunny, I also think I have ran slower (and farther) on average than I did before last time.

So. We will see how much of a competition with myself I make it, and how much I can focus on having a good time without trying to beat myself.

Exercise me, or competition me?

I guess I will know somewhere around the starting line.

Born to run, right?

This is what I do.