One infinite loop

I watched Looper last night, having a good time and being pleased to find the film quite unlike what I had expected. Today I listened to episode 21 of The talk show which is an interview with writer and director Rian Johnson. Then, I looked at a short interview on Youtube where Rian got to discuss various perceived plot holes in the film. I was not bothered much by any while or after watching, but I appreciated both that he explained the one thing I thought about and his reasoning for not explaining that and several other things inside the actual film.

In the process, I realized that there are two commentary tracks I could also get into - one already in the film and one downloadable.

But I thought it was time to stop myself before I spent the whole day in Rian's world.

And now, a question: has anyone seen my motivation? I feel in a state I can not quite define. I do not get quite as much done on certain things as I would normally like. But I do not really feel pressured or annoyed by this, which is unusual for me. I would think it is all just a normal temporary change of moods. But hey, who knows? I can not even decide if it is good, bad or completely neutral.

This feeling of strange unmotivation was highly present during my run today. It was not that it felt too difficult or that I felt as if I was running out of energy, I just felt no real drive. I could almost have stopped at any point and strolled back home without it making any difference. One major difference from my normal procedure was that I actually listened to above-mentioned episode of The talk show as I ran. Listening quite attentively all the time can probably explain a whole lot of difference all by itself.

I wonder if I am on the path to music listening while running? Today did not exactly make me feel the lure any stronger, not if it makes running even more disconnected and out of touch.