I thought I was catching up …

… but now I am not so sure.


I wonder if I am finding my pace
or am losing it again.

I wonder which way things are heading.


I am pretty sure things are nice.
I am pretty sure I still enjoy getting older.
It still feels good to be getting older.

And as long as I keep rolling along this path of slow but constant change
things will keep changing before I get boringly set in some way.


I would also like to add that Abraham Lincoln: vampire hunter is a pretty cool movie. I wish special effects had enabled action like this even earlier in my life. I have always been and continue to be a lover of eye candy as long as the story underneath reaches some magical (and most likely mood dependent) level of coherency. Still, I remember how blown away I was by Terminator II. Abe is not one for the ages in the same way, but I think the action stuff could have struck me just as much. Flowing sequences which make me think of that moment when Legolas gets on the horse in the Two towers.