Back to work

Yep, today was It again. First day back at work after a holiday.

I think it went rather well.

I mean, I both remembered my passwords

and got actual work done.

On a normal day I will be perfectly happy managing one out of those two.

Now that I am back home and have time to breathe again I celebrate by doing some version control of home things.

Chewing through podcasts

Soon I will have caught up to the present and will have the pleasant problem of what new things to possibly fill my listening time with.

Disc drives

That music CD I got for Christmas? What I ended up doing was bring it to work, rip it into Itunes on a old drive-endowed Mac, drag the files plus artwork onto a USB drive, bring that home (actually remembering to bring the CD too!), plug the drive into the Mac mini and drag everything into Itunes.

It sure is fun when you are starting to have a decent gap between old-but-still-widely-used technology and what you yourself have become accustomed to.