Doing waves

Balance and energy are tricky, unpredictable things.

Christmas has been good to me - relaxed, full of food and family without being overly booked. And after the food and family, we have a few wonderfully empty days at home to take it even easier and enjoy the Christmas lights.

Still, even a prefectly relaxed Christmas like this can throw me off. Lots of food and drink at unusual times confuse my stomach resulting in unusual feelings of hunger and - more often - fullness. But my energy levels feel even more out of whack. Perhaps it's a Christmas thing, a food thing or something we just need at this time of the year (because it seems to be pretty much the same for others), but I am still surprised by my level of sleepiness and find myself unsure of how to best deal with it. Embrace it and hibernate until energy naturally returns, or try to fight it even more by getting out and about, up at decent times and so on?

It is hard to learn - and remember - to relax.

I have no Mac with an optical drive, but I want to get a CD into Itunes

Time to read up on those drive sharing features of OS X again.


I read the Python reference and made Bakery sort content by modification date. It is the way of the future!